Dartmoor League Rules and Constitution


(Revised August 2019)

The Dartmoor League will comprise two leagues of 5 and one league of 4 clubs, known as League 1, League 2 and League 3.

Dartmoor League 1 will play for the Dartmoor League Trophy – the Peter Pearman Memorial Shield.  League 2 will play for the Sue Pearman Salver and League 3 will play for a trophy yet to be named.


At the end of each season the top two Clubs from League 2 will be promoted to League 1 and the bottom 2 clubs from League 1 will be relegated to League 2.  The top two clubs from League 3 will be promoted to League 2 and the bottom 2 clubs from League 2 will be relegated to League 3.

Clubs within each League for the following season will be confirmed at the Autumn Meeting.


Matches will consist of 5 home & away better ball games over 18 holes with 1 point awarded for a win and ½ point for a halved game, giving 5 points to be played for in each match.


1 A team will consist of 5 pairs, with playing handicap limits of 6 – 18.  Players with handicaps higher than 18 may play off a maximum handicap of 18.

2 Teams will play in handicap order with the lowest handicap pair going first.  In the event of equal total handicaps in a team, the Captain will decide which pair plays first.

3 Players in each game will take 90% handicap allowance from the lowest handicap player.

4 Players must be in possession of an active handicap and must be a member of the Club being represented.  If the player’s home club is within the Dartmoor League, then the player may only represent that Club.

Ladies will play from the red tees and their handicaps adjusted (up or down) based upon the difference between the white and the red SSS.  

The stroke index is taken from the men’s card.  The 90% difference will be taken after the adjustment.

5 A maximum of 2 juniors may play in any team.  A junior is a junior member of the Club.

6 Each team may nominate one person who may give advice to team members.

7 Buggies will not be used in matches unless there are accepted valid medical reasons, and only that player may benefit from the use of the buggy.


1 Matches will be arranged between the Clubs endeavouring to follow the established programme in place, but mindful of current outside fixtures and Public Holidays.  Matches will be played between 1 April and 30 September, including any rearranged matches.

2 Fixtures will normally be played on Saturdays or Sundays.  Midweek matches can be played, if agreed, and only when there is no other option.

3 The Dartmoor League captains will send their fixtures for the following season to the Secretary by the end of the calendar year.  The Secretary will co-ordinate, produce and distribute the draft fixture diary for confirmation at the Spring Meeting.

4 The confirmed fixture diary can only be subsequently amended due to adverse weather conditions resulting in course closure.

5 If a match cannot be completed on the day it started, it will be replayed.

6 All fixtures will be played.


In the event of any ties between two teams at the end of the season the sequential procedures set out below will be followed until the winning team is determined:

One team has won both home & away matches

Each team has won one match, team with the highest points

The team which won away

The team which scored most points over both matches

If there is still no winning team, play off on a neutral course  with a conclusion to every match by early October.

This procedure will be arranged and authorized by the Secretary or the Chairman.  


All matches will be either followed by a meal or preceded by breakfast, as decided by the home club after discussion with the visiting club.  The home club will inform the visiting club of the format in advance.  The visiting club must confirm all match details with the home club a minimum of 48 hours prior to the match.  The visiting club will pay the match fee for the full team unless they have advised the home club otherwise.


The home captains will inform the Secretary of the match result as soon as is convenient and by midday the following Monday at the latest.  Results can be sent via Whatsapp, email or telephone.  The Secretary will update the position of all Leagues and will send the latest results via email to the Dartmoor League Captains, copied to their Club Secretaries/Managers for information.


Any issues or concerns should be notified to the Chairman or Secretary immediately.

Rules Written 2000

1st  revision    2008

2nd revision    2012

3rd revision     2013

4th revision     2019


(Revised August 2019)

1 The League shall be known as the Dartmoor League.

2 The golfing leagues it embraces are the Dartmoor Leagues 1, 2 and 3, the Dartmoor Scratch League and the Dartmoor Mixed League.

3 Member clubs are: Bigbury, Boringdon Park, Bovey Castle, Dartmouth, Downes Crediton, Elfordleigh, Fingle Glen, Honiton, Okehampton, Tavistock, Teign Valley, Thurlestone, Wrangaton and Yelverton.

4 Any new club wishing to join the League should apply in writing prior to the AGM/Autumn Meeting.

5 Any existing club wishing to resign from the League shall do so in writing prior to the AGM/Autumn Meeting.

6 No member club can be voted out of the League other than in the exceptional circumstances of persistent failure to complete their fixtures, or from willful misconduct from any player(s) leading to official complaints by opposing clubs.  Under such unlikely circumstances it will require a unanimous vote of exclusion from the remaining clubs.

7 The Chairman and Secretary will be elected annually at the AGM/Autumn Meeting.

8 Mrs Sue Pearman will be the Honorary President, which is a ‘one off’ position.  There will be no voting rights with this position.

9 The member clubs will meet two times per year, Spring and Autumn, normally the third week in March and October respectively.  Both meetings are normally held at Teign Valley, being the most central venue.  The Spring meeting is a briefing meeting to launch the season, distribute relevant current information and to discuss proposals for confirmation at the Autumn meeting.  The Autumn meeting, also known as the AGM, is to review the season, propose appropriate amendments, confirm the structures of Leagues 1, 2 and 3 and discuss and agree any changes to the Constitution and Rules of the Dartmoor League.

10 Two representatives from each club may attend each meeting with one vote per club.  In the event of equal voting, the status quo will prevail.

11 The Secretary will seek agenda items 6 weeks prior to each meeting.  Any proposed changes to the Constitution or Rules must be circulated to member clubs with the agenda at least one month in advance of any meeting and will be passed by a majority vote.

12 The annual presentation of the Dartmoor League trophies will take place at a date convenient to the host club which will normally be at the end of October.  The host club is the winning club of the Dartmoor League the previous year.

This day is known as End of Season Celebration Day which includes the Dartmoor Challenge Shield which is played for between all member clubs.

13 The Dartmoor League Trophy is the Peter Pearman Memorial Shield and will be presented to the winning club in League 1.  The Sue Pearman Salver will be presented to the winning club in League 2.

14 The Dartmoor League presents 15 engraved trophies to players in the winning clubs in Leagues 1, 2 and 3. Trophies are also presented to the individual winners of the Scratch and Dartmoor Challenge Shield. Any additional trophies are the responsibility of the club.

15 The End of Season Celebration Day offers social golf to all players who have represented their clubs during the year in the Dartmoor League.  All clubs are invited to join the celebrations which include a buffet and supporting the winners who are receiving trophies and prizes from the day and the season.

16 The Dartmoor League will pay to the host club a facility fee  for the End of Season Celebration Day for use of the course.  That figure will be determined at the AGM/Autumn meeting the previous year.

17 The Dartmoor League will pay to the host club a hospitality  payment for catering on the End of Season Celebration Day.  That figure will be determined at the AGM/Autumn meeting the previous year.

18 All golfers playing on the End of Season Celebration Day will be asked to contribute an amount to be determined at the Spring meeting earlier that year.  That sum will be shared between the Captains’ charities and prizes for the social golf.  

19 The annual subscription to the Dartmoor League will be determined by the member clubs at the AGM/Autumn Meeting each year and will be payable by each club by January 1st the following year.

20 The Secretary shall receive an annual payment of such amount as agreed by the member clubs at the AGM/Autumn meeting each year.

Constitution written 2000

First revision 2006

Second revision 2012

Third revision 2014

Fourth revision 2017

Fifth revision 2019